Do You Eat Gamu Gamo / Flying Termite?

Gamu gamo, I often see a lot of them after rain during hot weather. When the rain stops, they begin to fly around. I guess they are wise in choosing time of flight. They often go out at night. They fly around house light bulb and will leave their wings on floor. Their light wings are really hard to sweep. Most of them fly up with every broom swing.

gamu gamo flying termite

Gamu gamo are actually termite, they are flying termites or swarmers. They are responsible for reproducing termite colonies. Notice that they shed off they wings after a while and they begin crawling in tandem. A tandem are actually male and female. They gonna find suitable location to reproduce. The female might be the queen of the new termite colony.

While those gamu gamu are flying around house, its a fiesta for other two house creatures. Several lizards are near the light bulb and catching flying termite that come in their way. Another specie is the cockroach. Its a rare scenery but cockroaches really hunt for gamu gamo.

The day after, the chickens are hunting crawling gamu gamu – those who shed their wings. I also seeing my cat eating them. Poor flying termites – only few will succeed to reproduce.

My wife told me that gamu gamo are edible. Though she cannot remember who eat them. I also heard the news that some people are really eating gamu gamo, but details were not clear. They might really edible considering they are eaten by lizards, cockroach, cat and chicken.

Do you eat gamu gamo / flying termites? If you do, please tell me how it taste and what are the preparations needed before eating.



  • i suddenly eat the gamu gamo cause i thought it was a choco nut fell in my legs…(choconut is a peanut milk chocolate like hany) it tastes bitter

  • We used to collect those for eating when we are young and is considered a delicacy since they swarm only once a year.

    The proper way to collect those is to fill a laundy tab/basin (batya) with water and put it under the lights or where those congeregate. Those won’t be able to get out of the water and will drown.

    Once you collected a lot, just fry those dry (busahin) until the wings shed off. Very tasty and delicious. Just restrain yourself from eating too much (and believe me it is hard to do that) as that will upset your stomach later. As to how much you can consume? Depends on your stomach. I can still eat a glassfull. 🙂

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