Why We Should Stop Eating Raw Rice Grains?

I eat raw rice grains, but not much to satisfy my hunger. I eat it for fun. The sound it creates while breaking in between my teeth is fun to hear. The grain itself is not delicious or whatsoever. Its the cracking sound that matters.

Well, I guess it is not a good habit. Half teaspoon grain is enjoyable but the next are not. More tires my jaw. More is not satisfying. Rice expands when soaked in water and cooked. It might also expand while inside my tummy and made me fuller of all a sudden.

A true story. Father fed darak (rice hulls) to his cow. The animal died of pain after few hours. His guessed was it was due to rice hulls expanding inside cow’s belly. He fed too much. This thing is not likely to happen on humans as we don’t like eating raw grains.

Linkedin forum happened to coincide with my idea. Pointing out that grains need to be cooked in water to soften cell wall structures making the nutrients more available for absorption. We human do not have the enzymes and capabilities to do such.

Livestrong.com which was mentioned in the forum has more specific explanations.

The Bacillus cereus microbes. It produce the toxin called cereulide which causes nausea and vomitting after ingestion. Effect may manifest within 24 hours.

The protein lectin. A naturally occurring insecticide which has similar effect as bacillus cereus.

The cellulose. The form of carbohydrate which we could not digest. I guess it is not as bad as it may seems. In fact we need plenty of bulk in our foodstuffs.

Roasting rice is an option but it only make the seed dormant forever. Dark roasting is another story as it nearly depletes most nutrients.


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