Department of Agriculture Encourages The Public To Eat White Corn Rice

I visited Department of Agriculture’s website and saw this image as one of their rotating banner. People’s Champ and Representative Manny Pacquiao in yellow T-shirt is smiling and holding a white corn.  Manny Pacquiao on peek on his boxing career is really a good endorser. I hope he retire soon while he is still very famous.
manny paquiao white corn endorsement

The image tells,” White Corn, The food of Filipino Champion”.

There is a “see video” link. I clicked it and it brought me to page where I can download the video. Download first before watching – a bit inconvenient for busy people like me. I was patient enough tough. Besides, the video format (flv) I got was only 4.84 MB in size.

Here is the video content:

A boy woke up early and looked at several pictures of Manny, the boxing champ. Perhaps his idol. He is living in little nipa hut surrounded by corn field. He kissed his mother and started doing his daily exercise routine – jogging and push ups.

All dream would come true by means of hard work and adequate nutrition.  Department of agriculture is encouraging the public to eat bigas na puting mais (white corn rice) because of its health benefits. Rich in proteins and minerals. High in fiber that could help reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and toxins which cause colon cancer.

Corn is slower to digest thus increase blood sugar level can be avoided. Anyone will be full for longer period and will have a longer endurance.

Manny Paquiao  stated, “This is the food of champion like me. Lets eat corn for a stronger and healthier body”.

These are the nutrients of white corn.

Dietary fiber = 2.7 g
Fat = 1.2 g
Folate = 46 ug
Iron = 0.5 mg
Magnesium = 37 mg
Niacin 1.7 mg
Phosphorus = 120 mg
Potassium = 270 mg
Protein 3.2 g

I uploaded the video for you! Watch!

Can a rice eating country adapt corn as staple food? Can you? I hope DA officials and Manny are going to practice what they are preaching. How can you encourage someone to eat something you do not like?

image and video are courtesy of the department of agriculture



  • Saan po makakabili ng ready-to-cook bigas na mais? Ang tagal-tagal ko nang naghahanap dito sa QC pero wala akong makita. Sana naman pag nagpo-promote ang gobyerno natin ay mayroon nang mabibili sa market…

  • Saan ba makakabili ng mais na ganyan sa metro manila….matagal ko na gusto magswitch diyan kaso di ko alam saan makakabili niyan.

  • good evening! i’m just wondering if healthy pa rin ba ang kanin na mais sa tao na may diabetes. need to know ur answer.. my mom has a diabetes and ginagawa niang healthy diet ang kanin na mais.. thanks!

    • yes! it is a slow release energy. I won’t cause a rapid raise in blood sugar.

  • ganun lang pala un..thanks Jerson…

  • walay white corn sa pacifica agrivet…

    corn coffee? it’s simple as long as you have the ‘bigas mais’. inita maayo ang kawali, e butang ang bigas.

    menor-menor lang ang kalayo.sigeha ug ukay until mo black-brown na siya… that’s it.

  • another high value product of corn is “CORN COFFEE”. I am looking/searhing it here in Davao. In the provinces of Davao the natives make corn coffee but they mix it with instant coffee…Meron bang “pure corn coffee”?….Are there any corn coffee sold in Metro Manila? Please let me know…thanks..

  • i think you can find ready to cook sa bilihan ng mga patuka sa manok…diyan sa luzon i think bigas na mais is used more as a feed than as a cereal unlike here in Mindanao and Visayas..

  • it’s simple to cook corn fine grits (mais bigas)… have a water boil (2x the amount of your bigas) and pour in bigas once the water is boiling. mix it thoroughly until gritz and water is mixed well, lower down the fire to the most minimum.. that it.

  • mini grinders in the markets (the ones used for ube, rice, etc) are not the best (or better) option.

  • no, it should be ready to eat. I don’t know any corn mill here (the one that can produce best gritz)

    • i mean ready to cook… 🙂 just like the ones in cebu

      • Department of Agriculture should start selling bigas na mais along with NFA rice to make it readily available and encourage the public to each such.

        How can we eat something we cannot find.

  • saan ba tayo maka bili ng bigas na mais dito sa manila area?

    • I think you need to buy whole corn or corn on cobs and ask someone to turn it to gritz for you.

  • Ang bigas na mais nga pala ay meron ding class/number. Class A, B, etc. Here is how to cook bigas na mais:
    1. Magpakulo ng tubig,
    2. Dahan-dahang ibuhos ang takal/sukat na bigas mais (wag huhugasan ang bias na mais. Hindi tulad ng bigas na palay)
    3. Tanggalin ang lumulutang na tahip ng mais.
    4. Haluin parati ang nilulutong mais bigas hanggang maiga.
    5. Pain-inin na ang sinaing at ituloy ang paghalu para maging buhag-hag ang kaning mais. (Kung pababayan mo lang na main-in, magiging malagkit ang kanin. Dikit-dikit kung baga.

    • @dennis – thanks! hope i can see bigas na mais in cavite!

  • The advertisement is real true. Eating white corn rice is truly healthy. People in Luzon are not real used to eating “bigas na mais”. The Visayans and Miondanawans are white corn rice eating people. They call this as bugas na mais (white corn rice) and bugas na humay (bigas sa palay). There is a technique in cooking white corn rice. Yon pong hindi marunong magsaing nito maaaring maging lugaw o hilaw…hehehe…Matagal ka pong magutom sa bigas na mais.FYI

    • @dennis – I am one of those who do not know how to cook bigas na mais. Can you tell me how?

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