Millet Edible Spoon

millet edible spoon

The world first ever edible spoon in mass production. It comes in three variants, sweet, plain and savory. If you usually eat plain rice and common poor man’s viand (sugar, salt, fish sauce, soy sauce and hot coffee), I bet the spoon will be gone in a jiffy. Perhaps also eat the spoon alone while watching TV or doing a homework.

It is durable in hot or cold liquid, never fall apart and crack. I think what he meant to say is this. It will not dissolve in liquid until it has serve its purpose. It is durable enough to let you enjoy a cup of coffee or finish eating a soupy meal. We cannot differentiate it from plastic counterpart if really not soluble or never crack when bit.

The edible spoon is made of millets.

Millets, according to Wikipedia are group or highly variable small seeded grasses, widely know around the world as cereal crops or grains for fodder and human consumption.

Packed individually in paper packaging. It prevents contamination until ready for single use. It looks somewhat similar to disposable medical devices package.

Developed by Nandita and Pradya. The couple sold their assets to finance its production. Their goal is to made it as cheap as disposable plastic spoon counterparts. Their nationality is Indian, I think.

millet edible spoon

The edible spoon was featured by Zinc on Facebook.

Disposable spoons may not be made of biodegradable paper but could be produce to something more useful, belly friendly and nutritious.


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