A Tomato Taking Shape of Eggplant

When I said eggplant-like-tomato, I never meant a tomato scion inserted to eggplant stock. These, the tomato on the left is the regular diamante variety and the one on the right is unknown.

eggplant like tomato

Here is a previous flashback.

I bought 1/4 kilogram ripe tomatoes. Sliced them to halves. Gathered the seeds and sown them to prepared pots. The day after, I observed numerous small red ants digging and hauling the seeds. Then no plants sprouted after a week. The busy ants surely hauled them all.

Note: Growing tomatoes is one of my subject requirement in my masteral study.

I bought another 1/4 kilogram ripe tomatoes. Gathered the seeds again and planted them on the same pot. The red ants will sure haul the seeds again so I sprayed a strong insect killer solution to pot. The seeds grew, yielded fruits and I managed to complete the subject requirements.

So where did this eggplant like-tomato came from? I assure I never bought any tomato of this shape. I grew over 12 plants and this was the only one which had a different shape.


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  • Marvin, the tomato with the pear shape looks like the “Roma” variety to me. Was there only one piece with this shape, or was the whole tomato plant producing fruits of the pear shape? I have grown tomato plants from Roma tomato seeds, other plants from the beefsteak variety (huge!), and also plants from the round tomatoes and even the red and yellow cherry varieties, all from trimmings when cooking using these different varieties. My experience is that the round tomato plant will bear all round fruits and the Roma tomato plant will produce all these pointed fruits, etc. Your sample tomato’s origins is also puzzling for me. Please give me more details through my e-mail. Regards…

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