Reasons to Learn Fast Cooking

I am not an avid fan of cooking shows. I prefer reading recipes on books, magazines, pamphlets and internet. I find listening and taking down notes troublesome. I am not a stenographer that could catch up on fast faced conversations, a chef speaking of recipe ingredients one by one or a recipe sheet flashed on tv screen for few seconds.

I am not an avid fan but I am watching whenever I like it and the show is available. All shows I have watched have one thing in common. They are cooking foods in a very fast manner. I am talking about the actual cooking process when the food is placed on cooking vessel and cooked over a huge flame. Pre-cooking operations like washing, slicing and chopping are not included.

The Quickfire 10-minute kitchen wonder and the 5-minute cooking  challenge by Chef Boy Logro. Time frames a little longer than instant noodle preparation.

People are becoming busy. The traditional slow cooking is becoming unfit for their life style. They tend to eat in fast food restaurants, high class resto or karinderya. Or resort to many prepared instant foods like instant noodles, canned sardines, canned meats.

Instant foods probably contains several preservatives that may cause body harm after prolonged exposure. A nutritious balance diet is unlikely with those. On the other hand, restaurants may offer healthier alternative for a more expensive cost. Learning the art of fast cooking may reduce these hassles.

Fast cooking maybe achieved through practice, mastery of recipes, good utensils and fast cooking devices like strong flame stoves, turbo broiler, microwave oven, pressure cooker and induction stove.


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