Mold-like White Spots / Coating in Native Chocolate, Fat Blooms

cocoa fat bloom

If you are a regular customer of native chocolate, perhaps you have notice a mold-like spots or coating on surface of some chocolate you bought. They are not molds, they are called sugar blooms of fat blooms.  Definitely a fat bloom in pure baking chocolate. The green spots or coating with rancid smell are molds.

Blooms may occur in two ways 1)fat bloom, cocoa butter rises to the surface and turns white as it crystallizes 2) sugar bloom, it is formed by the action of moisture on sugar ingredients.

Chocolate with blooms are perfectly safe for consumption. There are no changes in quality / flavor except for the bad-looking appearance. On the other hand, discard chocolate with real molds ( mostly green in color ) and rancid smell.

cocoa fat bloom


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