FDA License Application | Afater 4 months

How long has it been since I filed the license to operate application of that coffee manufacturer? It’s been four months already. The customer service representative who accepted the application papers clearly stated it usually takes ten working days. However, it still depends on availability of inspectors. I never thought their inspectors are so few that it is taking them so long to do their jobs.

This is not an isolated case. Most of my friends have the same sentiments. They needed the “license to operate” badly but they can’t do anything but wait.

Why is it always like this? Government offices are allowed to commit delays but their clients are not. I renewed my drivers license six months ago but my license is still temporary paper. Late vehicle registration have corresponding penalties but they don’t have to worry about the late release. Take BIR for example. I am paying huge amount due to my negligence. They are collecting large taxes from workers and employers but never bother improving the TIN ID.

A friend of mine have nice suggestions on FDA matter. They know very well they lack employees, so why not hire more? Why not file a law, order or rules that when a food establishement who filed application on time never inspected within the specified time limit, they will automatically get the license approved.

What I have in mind is different. Food establishement licensing could be transferred to local health centers. They have narrow scope and could visit manufacturers on random or even regular basis.

In the end, I could do anything but wait.

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