Cafe Amadeo Development Cooperative – My Side of Story

Some time between year 2000 to 2005, I was invited to Cafe Amadeo Development Cooperative. It was during one of the Pahimis Coffee Festival. I can’t remember whether it was first, second, third or whatsoever. I cannot remember the exact year either. The event was nearing its end and I missed most of the event highlights.

However, what we did there was still very clear to me. We were presented with several cups of brewed coffee. Instructed us to take a sip of each and spit it out. Then we ranked them according to our preference. It was a coffee evaluation and we were not allowed to take any of those luxuriously. We were offered with another cup instead.

It was obvious they were not yet well established at that time. They were on the process of establishing and perfecting their flagship blends.

The cooperative was exclusive to residents of Amadeo Cavite, but recently started recruiting associate members to boost its capital and market reach. I have been supplying them for years with tabliya products so I was included in early recruitment.

Assoociates are non-voting members.

I am now attending the 11th annual coop general assembly. I participated in their coffee evaluation before, became a regular chocolate supplier, then became an associate member. This coop is becoming strong and I foresee it will become one of the most popular Philippine cooperative.

cafe amadeo 11th GASo much for the coop talk. Let us go to better things! The food. I got from buffet table two slices of puto and two handfuls of palabok. I used serving spoon to get it but I estimated that it was two handfuls. The appearance was not nice cause it was sabotaged by members who arrived and ate ahead of me.

pansit palabok and putoThe next was brewed coffee.  A percolated coffee in a small paper cup. It was too small for me but I was too lazy to go and get another serving. The cup was not only small, it was softer and thinner than regular. It was hot to touch and made me very careful not to scorch my hand and not drop it. The coffee was good anyway so the inferior cup was forgivable.

percolator brewed coffee in paper cupThe last was lunch. I took a minimal rice serving, a cup of soup, a lumpiang sariwa and a piece of each meat dishes. I was really trying to get light lunch but still got a heavy in the end. To make the situation worse, the merienda from 10 am ago was barely digested yet.

soup rice lumpia sariwa chicken meatIt think its the main reason why many of us become obese. Doing nothing but eating heavy meal.

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