It is Okay to Freeze an Evaporated Filled Milk

When fresh milk is frozen, the following occurs: disruption of fat globules, hydrolysis of triglycerides, decrease in the amount of linoleic and linolenic acid, reduction of Vitamin B6 and C and lessening of bacterial inhibitory effect. Disruption of fat globule is said to cause the change in texture and other organoleptic properties. Due to the above mentioned reasons the fresh cow’s milk should not be frozen, refrigeration only for few days. However, it can be frozen if the  changes do not bother you.

Fresh milk should not be frozen so we tend not to freeze the processed evaporated filled milk. We place it under chilling temperature.  There might me changes in properties, like fresh milk, if frozen.  But discovered spoilage after few days.

Evaporated filled milk already undergone the harsh hands of processing. I don’t think freezing can do more!

I transfered the contents of evaporated filled milk to glass. Placed it inside freezer compartment until frozen. Then thawed it.

frozen evaporated filled milk

I tasted the milk before freezing and after thawing. I did not notice any taste difference. The texture and appearance did not differ either.

Change in chemical composition and nutrient contents are beyond my capability.


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