Agri Pinoy Corn Grits

So this is the Corn Grits the Department of Agriculture is promoting.

agri pinoy corn grits flint corn

It has other name, Flint Corn. The term grits really refers to ground corn but the grind size is not specified. It may range from finely ground to coarse. The dictionary refer to it as coarse grind. On the other hand, flint corn does not necessarily mean ground corn. It is a corn specie named Zea mays indurata which is commonly called as Indian corn.

Maybe I interpreted it wrong. Maybe it is a corn grits from Indian corn. However, the Indian corn description says the otherwise. Its kernels has a range of colors from white to red. The product inside the PE bag is white.

It is packed in a polyethylene bag with a computer and desktop printer generated label inside. It would be more convincing if the agency put more effort. A custom form packaging with a nice label design.

Corn grits are white with few but visible impurities. The appearance resembles a badly milled rice with lots of broken grains. More broken grains makes rice cheaper so I can’t help but see it as inferior product. I am sorry! I intend no offense.

Cooking instructions for mixed rice and corn grits:

> Recommended ratio is 70% rice and 30% corn grits
> Soak corn grits for 30 minutes in water. Drain.
> Add rice.
> Add water. One cup for every cup rice corn mixture. If using wood or gas stove, add 1/2 cup more water.
> Cook until well done.

It is a recommended cooking instruction. You may need to vary water ratio and rice to corn grits ratio depending on rice type and texture preference


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