Nice Food Aroma and Time are Inducing my Hunger

I was on the rush. I wanted to go home as soon as possible. I still have lots of work to do. It was nearing lunch time but my tummy can still withstand an hour or two of travel. Go go going home…

While walking fast, I grabbed my cellphone out of pocket and checked the current time. It was 11:37 am, 23 minutes before actual lunch time. It was like magic, I suddenly felt hungry, stopped walking and looked for a restaurant where I could eat. I thought my tummy could still last for one to two hours a while ago but suddenly felt hungry when I realized it was time to eat.

The nearest open restaurant was KFC. I could easily reach it with less effort, few steps and with a very short time. I stood last in line, waiting for my turn to order, and the nice food aroma reached my senses. I felt hungrier. I felt weaker. My body was shivering and cold sweats started oozing out of my skin pores. I felt like pushing out all the persons in front of me, so it would be my turn and I could lunch immediately.

Human system never fails to amaze me. First I became hungry suddenly when I realized it was time to eat. Second, I felt hungrier when  I smelled foods. I think many restaurants are paying attention to latter. Make aroma of their dishes do the talking and persuasion.

I am a nice person so I never did the bad thing. I patiently waited for my turn. I ordered fried chicken, two rice servings and an ice-cold beverage. I filled my tummy with energy and went home after.

kfc chicken coke rice receipt


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