Previous Food Uses of Animal Bones

Animal bones are considered as waste products. Often feed to dogs and cats or just thrown in garbage bin. Some bones are too big and hard for our lovely pet, it will surely end up as waste product.

animal bone canvass

Animal bones are useful, think again before throwing it away. Bones can be a good source of calcium. Some countries processed it to various products.

Dodery is a bone product produced by chopping bones into small pieces and placing them into fermenting vats. They are subsequently covered in water, left for three days, removed, crushed into a paste and mixed with the ash from burnt sorghum stalks. The mixture is returned to the fermenting vat for a further two to five days. The final product is rolled into balls and has a shelf like of up to two months.

Kaidu digla is made from the vertebrae of the backbone. These are chopped into smaller pieces and then sun-dried. After drying they are pounded with stones; mixed with water and salt; moulded into balls and allowed to ferment (Dirar,1992), (courtesy of: Fermented Fruit and Vegetables, A Global Perspective, by Mike Battcock and Sue Azam-Ali).

Animal bones can processed to bone meal. Before it was often use as human dietary calcium supplement and as ingredients for animal feeds. The use was discontinued due to various health concerns. 1) Some bone meal preparations were found to be contaminated with lead and other toxic metals. and 2) Bone meal was identified as carrier of bovine spongiform ecephalopathy (BSE) or the popular mad cow disease. The disease is transferrable to human through ingestion. The human term for BSE is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD).

Today, bone meal is used as plant fertilizer. Applied to plant as source of phosphorus. It has an NPK ratio of 4-12-0 or 1-13-0.


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