Food Product on Consignment…

Someone asked me regarding product consignment. There were times that client consignee were returning the product in a very bad condition. Package dusty all over and somewhat crumpled. It was heartbreaking to see that the product you work so hard for suffered the dilemma. The worst thing, the returned was for replacement not for payment. Lost already while it tolled minimal cost on the other party.

I breaks my heart too, seeing my hard produced product got returned. I cannot do anything about it but accept and replace. Whenever the product goes, manufacturer responsibility never ceases. It is especially true for consignment products. It is always in your inventory until sold. Whenever it goes bad in hand of distributor and retailers, all will be returned and replacement is a must.

What must be done?

You have to assess various conditions which it passes and make the primary and secondary packaging able to protect the contents. For example, if it is light sensitive, then, packaging material should be opaque. If fragile, package should be rigid and has some sort of mechanism to absorb shock. If the consignee happens to be so careless, then, drop him off the sewer and find another client. He should take some responsibility too.

Prepare product specifics such as handling and storage instructions. However, it will still won’t work if mishandled by a newbie merchandiser

A contract stating damaged goods due to consignee negligence will be paid. Sounds good but I have never heard of this thing in practice.


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