Food Exhibition Gimmicks You Might Want to Try!

Joining a food exhibition? Here are some gimmicks you might want to try! I observed them on the recently concluded WOFEX 2013.

1) First and foremost, the free taste. Be prepared. Most food exhibits goers are hungry for it.

free taste chocolate fountain

2) Explaining the benefits to justify the cost.. If the product’s cost is a lot expensive than its appearance, then explaining the benefits is recommended before disclosing the cost.

The two small equipment that look like an ordinary water pitcher are able to produce healthier version of water, the alkaline water. Alkaline water is available in most water refilling station. It should be consumed within three to five hours which is usually not possible considering we buy water in big containers. The alkaline water instrument ensures a good alkaline state all the time. The catch, one has to spend 24,000 pesos for the two units, with two free single serve devices.

ambertronic alkaline water maker

3) Very affordable package. A single pasta pack was priced for 50 pesos. However, for the price of only 100 pesos, you’ll be getting two pastas plus three other items which individual prices was close to 50.

The same technique was used by this chichirya seller. You’ll be getting any five big packs for only 50 pesos.

selling chichirya

Getting two free for a package of 10 was not bad.

buy 10 get 2 free

4) For very expensive items, simply turning on the machine was enough to convince prospective buyer. This automated packaging line was running, so all passing visitor could see how it work.

stand up pouch filling and silling machine

5) A pretty lady. If you were a guy, like me, then perhaps you’d be coming near to see the items she was offering.

petron gasul promo lady

6) An actual demonstration. The girl demonstrated how the coffee vending machine works. She also show how to add instant coffee powder and refill empty cups. I found it very easy.

hot coffee vendo machine demo

7) Free non-food items. A face towel was attached to every bottle of cooking oil. What inside the bottle was a medium for cooking and the towel was for cleaning oil spills. Another was giving a free spoon and fork for every meat package, and a free eco bag.

mitra oil paper and eco bag

8) Labeling equipment being showcased. I tend to spend more time in a booth where most items on display have labels. A label tells me what the item is and how it could be useful to to my endeavor.

9) A chance to win a raffle for every purchase. It is fun and often, a customer buys because he just wanted to win a certain item.

I think a nice looking booth is an SOP and should not be included in this list.

barista choi booth


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