8 Most Wanted Foods in Times of Shortage

What do you like for dinner honey? I replied, any of the following: prawn, squid or fresh tuna. Grilled liempo or chicken will do.

Choosing what to eat seems to be easy. True if ample money is available. What if it is the other way around, the money is scarce. It could still be easy. Choose from options wisely and don’t be picky.

The following are the most affordable foods during times of shortage. Perhaps they are also the most wanted.

1) Water. Anyone can live without eating food for months but barely last for a week without water. Things would be worst during hot summer days. The process of dehydration is faster and one could barely last for days. So never forget storing ample amount of clean drinking water.

2) Rice. Filipinos are rice eating people. E.g. I often eat pandesal for breakfast but I still eat some rice. My stomach feels achy and my body has low energy without rice. Maybe the things is just inside my mind.  Buying rice is the priority of every super budget moms.

3) Salt Patis and Toyo. These three have one common characteristic. They are all salty. Rice with a little salt, patis or soy sauce is a complete meal.

4) Sugar and coffee. Why sugar and coffee? Would you choose coffee and sugar over rice? Definitely not! It is included because some folks eat rice with coffee or sugar, the sabaw kape or kanin de asukal.

5) Instant noodles. Low cost, portable and easy to prepare. Fit perfectly with rice. Can also be eaten as is.

6) Tuyong Lawlaw and Sapsap. The two are salted dried fish. Made of small fishes. They are super budget viands. I can barely finished one during a meal. It is very salty. Anyone would have a kidney failure if consumed an excess.

7) Tsitsirya or junk foods. I saw my godmother eating eating rice with the one-peso tsitsirya. I thought it was weird but many or our fellow countrymen are really contented having junk foods as viand.

8) Egg. My uncle is an egg dealer. He chose egg because it is very salable. Even the poorest family can afford to buy eggs.


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