Rescued Food Store

A very simple idea but hard to implement. A place where ready to discard food are collected together and given to those in need. It is hard but may not be as hard as I think. In Australia, OZ Harvest is implementing such. They are collecting food items that would otherwise go to dumpsite and put it in their stores. They call it food rescuing. There is no price tag. People may come in. Pay how much they can or not pay at all.

There are so much to be rescued. The fast food chains for example. The shelf life of their fried chickens is very short. Only thirty minutes. After that, all the unsold will end up in garbage can. What the hell is wrong with those companies. It may not be hot and crispy but still well suited for human consumption. They are dumping it away instead of giving to less privileged. Even their own employees cannot take some home.

I heard gossip. A now popular actor was previously expelled from his fast food restaurant job. He took home some expired fried chicken. He cannot bear throwing away because he know the fact that it was still in top condition.

Perhaps, some people are managing to sell it the black market way. Collecting discarded foods from restaurant to restaurants and selling it to very low cost. The so called pagpag foods.  The act is illegal but the affordable price helps gaining patrons.

The expired processed foods. Expiry date is a mandate for safety. Telling people not to eat it when nearing or past expiration. On the other hand, companies are setting expiry dates far beyond their real expiration. They do not want their products not fit on exact date. They do not want untoward incidences happening in case careless people eating expired products.

Expiry date is how long the food is gonna last under normal conditions. These includes handling, hauling, supermarket and grocery displays up to consumers hand. However, if such is well handled, it will go far beyond the set time. Processed foods nearing or short past their open date marking may still be of food for the less privileged masses.

I have eaten expired food accidentally several times without something bad happening. I am also receiving expired sandwich spread occasionally. It might be coming from employees working for certain companies. We are using them with no problem so far. If someone publicly does this kind of thing, Food and Drug Administration will not let it slide.

Fruits and vegetables are not included. We are trying our best to sell them up to point of late senescence, almost inedible.

In case such food rescue store is established, what would you do? Will you trust the rescued foods? Do you have enough discipline to get only what you really need?



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