9 Uses of Salt in Food Preparation

Summarizing what salt can do’s, experience based.

1) First and the foremost, for flavoring purposes, the salty taste. A plain bland tasting rice could be a satisfying meal when sprinkled with right amount of salt. It is among my choices during my childhood years (rice with salt, sugar or coffee).

2) As preservative. Salt solution is forced to egg not to enhance its flavor, but to make its storage life longer. Salty condition is a limiting factor for most spoilage organisms.

3) I was thinking, salt is sprinkled all over the fish to add flavor and unintentionally increase the oil flying power during frying. It turned out the other way. Salt extracts excess water from fish flesh, thus, reducing the tendency of oil to fly during frying. Water is the thing responsible for oil jumping off the pan, not the salt.

4) Make the sour guyabano sweet. I mentioned it several times already. Dipping sour guyabano pulp on rock salt makes it sweet.

5) Counteract to much chilli hotness. These was our previous practice. Add more chilli to vinegar dip until our lips were burning hot. Then add some salt to vinegar when we couldn’t bear it.

6) Extract bitterness from ampalaya. Mashing ampalaya slices with salt removes some bitterness. Thanks to this method. I can eat ampalaya to some extent.

7) Extract astringent taste of puso ng saging. A method similar to ampalaya slices. Mashing banana heart slices with salt and squeezing it after removes astringent taste.

8) Remove coffee bitterness and make it taste better. Many says it works but I couldn’t notice the difference.

9) Remove the repulsive taste of raw garlic. I’ve heard of it recently. I’m going to find out if it is true or not.


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