Why Not Eat Frog Heads and Feet?

Frogs are caught, usually at night. I have not tried it yet but they are claiming it is easier at night than day. They are caught in the wilds or in frog farms. Heads, feet and entrails are removed and discarded. Then cooked.

Why discard, heads, feet and internal organs?

Before, chicken heads, entrails and feet are thrown away. Entrails are dirty and only fitted in garbage bin. Heads and feet almost have no meat and including it in any food preparation is not worth. However, we learned to prepare street foods from it. Intestines are cleaned thoroughly and roasted as isaw. Feet and nails are prepared as adidas (named after the popular shoe brand)  and crispy chicken nails respectively. Heads are sold as barbecue.

Frog entrails are too small to clean. Cleaning is near to impossible. However the head can still be included even if they have a very minimal meat.

Frog head is cut to facilitate removal of skin and entrails. In some cases, skin removal is a necessity cause it contains poison, the like of Mindoro frog. Then discarded together with head and feet. Some are even cutting the portion from waistline up to head, leaving only the legs for cooking. Actually several videos I watched on  YouTube were taking only frog legs. What a waste!

Broiler chicken is a very large industry. Imagine how many tons of feet, entrails and head will be trashed If we did not learn how to use it. If only the frog industry is as big as broiler’s, we may learn how to cook crispy frog feet and head.

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