Yet Another Way to Eat Garlic! The Salt Dipping Trick

Garlic is among the most used cooking ingredients. Every household has it and most viand call for it.

However, garlic own taste is very undesirable and I can only eat it when (1) fried to crispiness, the garlic chip and the crunchy crushed garlic in fried peanuts, and (2) soaked in soy sauce and let stand for few weeks or until the garlic surface  is greenish.

And now there is a third way to eat garlic and it involves a very minimal preparation. Just peel off the garlic clove, dip it in salt, and start chewing. It never removes all the repulsive flavor but it is indeed good.

A word of warning. Too much salt is not good for your health. Try eating it plain by gradually reducing the amount of salt dip.

a garlic clove


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