How to Eat Raw Garlic, Garlic Cloves Pickles

peeled garlic soaked

I always chop the garlic very fine in every dish I made. Eating garlic clove always make me vomit. Garlic adds delicious flavor to every dish but eating it whole/bits is another matter. Deep fried garlic is good but the one cooked in boiling water is not.

I passed by the house of my auntie and saw him eating rice with whole garlic cloves. I was amazed asking how can she eat such awful tasting commodity. She replied that it should be soaked with equal amounts of vinegar and soy sauce for several days until the garlic glove surface is slightly greenish.

I got curious so I tried the recipe immediately. I peeled two garlic heads. Put it in jar and fill with equal amounts of vinegar and soy sauce. The garlic cloves are already greenish after one day so I tried eating one.

The awful tasting tasting of garlic was gone, all that left is the spicy astringent taste. Its a good partner for rice.

Disagree? Try it!

peeled garlic soaked


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  • I heard that vinegar and soy sauce are not good for a breast cancer patient, is there any substitute?

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