Ordering Ginatang Tilapia in Bulalo House

Somewhere around the Batangas Provincial Capitol lies the Jorjhane’s House of Special Bulalo. We stopped over to take our lunch, fill our tummy with hunger relieving foods. We were a bit unlucky, the people in place we had been were not hospitable enough to treat us lunch.

jorjhane's house of bulaloWe entered a bulalo house but we ordered a ginataang tilapia. It was only natural for a gout prone person like me. I like the main menu but maintaining my feet in good shape is more important. Actually, the bulalo is out-of-stock! I was probably tempted to get such in case.

ginatang tilapia from bulalo houseThe soup is free. Before you got sentimental. I say it again, the bulalo soup is free! A fitting way to savor bulalo without much guilt. It is delectable. What more if we ordered it full range.

There are four large cauldrons in store front. I estimated it could fit a sow each. Perhaps they are the the store main point of attraction. If you think they are only for display purposes, then think again! The four are vessels for cooking bulalo. I saw the staff getting a pitcher of soup immediately after placing our order. According to my company, the cauldrons are only removed out of stove for cleaning. The stove uses charchoal ember. Just imagine the length of time it take to properly cook a huge cauldron of bones.four large bulalo cauldrons

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