Duhat, The Local Version of Black Grapes

It really looks like the rounder version of duhat, the shorter and rounder duhat. It come in bunches. The black skin color and the slightly translucent white pulp.

I really thought it was black plum. It is really a black grape. Our very own duhat is the local version of black grapes. Maybe!

It came from a man selling grapes, apples and oranges.

black grapes


Grapes are grown on vines which are supported by trellis. They are harvested easily from wide grape plantation or a small garden.  Duhat grow on trees, high and hard to climb trees. I am very thankful every time there are fruits within my reach without climbing.

Most grapes sold on market are seedless. No any seedless duhat is known to me yet. Seed is a dicot-like capsule.

Both come in bunches but duhat cannot produce fruits as many as grapes per bunch.

Both are black with slightly translucent flesh. They both taste sweet but the grape is sweeter. The hand-picked plum is astringent/mapakla. Plums naturally fallen on ground have the delicious sweet taste without astringency.

Duhat leaves a dark violet stains on hand, teeth, tongue and clothes. Grapes do not.

Duhat are more sensitive. It needs very careful handling. The appropriate packaging are small bamboo baskets lined with papers. For retail markets, it should be packed in paper bags.

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