Gumamela as Tea and Natural Food Color

pink gumamelas

A toy bubble solution can be made out of gumamela. Pound some flowers and leaves, mix it with water, add some soap powder and mix thoroughly. Bubbles are produced by dipping a wire loop in solution and blowing the circle gently.

I know gumamela as toy bubble and as ornamental plant. Through reading, I discovered that it can also be consumed as food. A hot or cold tea is known as Bissap, Karkadé, flor de Jamaica and roselle.

Gumamela tea with sugar taste like herbal and berry tea. A cold beverage can be prepared by infusing the petals with hot water until the water absorb its color. Letting it cool and adding ice, lime juice and a choice of sweetener.

Some gumamela species can be used as natural source of food coloring. Flower colors are shade of red, yellow, orange, pink and white. Obviously, the white species are not suitable as food color.

Gumamela tea is beneficial for people with kidney problems.

Hisbiscus rosasinensis Linn.
Local names: Antalongan (Tag., Bis.); aratangan (Pamp.); gomamela (Tag.); gumamela (Tag., Bis., Pamp.); kayanga (Ilk.., Bik., Bis.); saysayam (Bon.); tapolanga (Tag., Pamp.); tapuranga (Bis.); tarokanga (Bis., Pamp.) taukangga (Sul.); Hibiscus, China rose, Shoeflower (Engl.).

pink gumamelas


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