The Half-Eaten Chili Peppers

As the name of siling labuyo suggest. Labuyo means wild, no owner, it is growing on its own thru natural reproduction method. So I am thinking every siling labuyo I see is really wild and I can freely get its red ripe fruits, unless it is aligned with others of the same kind.

So I found one again and my normal routine started. I came and picked the red chillis one by one. The land owner sure own this but I getting scolded by him is less likely. He didn’t plant it for sure. It was near the cliff and too far away from residential area. I continued until I got them all. I was going to put it in vinegar bottle.

While picking, I noticed these few half-eaten fruits. I was wondering what insects on earth can resist such hot skin burning sensation. Chilli is a natural insect fighter. That specific insect sure rendered it useless.

half-eaten chilli peppers


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