Which Food Has The Most Number of Ingredients?

I felt a sudden curiosity about which commercially available foods has the most number of ingredients. I immediately checked the canned vienna sausage on my hand. Then grabbed other food items inside the house such as tomato sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce, energen cereal drink, gatorade and several milk formulas. The last set of items got my attention the most. Alaska powder has about 28 ingredients, Alactamil as over 35, Lactum has a little lower value, while Enfapro A+  got a whopping number of 47.

Outside our home, Enfapro might not be on top but it won’t surprise me if the real top is another milk brand. Milk manufacturers are trying their best to make their formula a good replacement for breastmilk in case breastfeeding is not enough or the mother simply can’t breastfeed.

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The Enfapro A+ ingredient list .

1) Whey protein concentrate (cow’s milk)
2) lactose

Blend of Vegetable Oils
3) Coconut oil
4) High oleic vegetable palm olein
5) soybean oil

6) corn syrup solids (plants)
7) Non fat milk powder (cow’s milk)
8) Galactooligosaccharide
9) Whole milk powder (cow’s milk)

Single cell oils (Mortierella alpina oil and Crypthecodinium cohnji oi) as sources of:
10) Arachidonic Acid (ARA)
11) Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)

12) Calcium carbonate
13) Calcium chloride
14) Calcium hyroxide
15) Cupric sulfate
16) Ferrous sulfate
17) Magnesium chloride
18) Manganese sulfate
19) Potassium bicarbonate
20) Potassium chloride
21) Potassium citrate
22) Sodium iodide
23) Sodium selenite
24) Trisodium citrate
25) Zinc sulfate

26) Emulsifier (lecithin)

27) Alpha tocophery acetate
28) Biotin
29) Calcium pantothenate
30) Cholecalciferol
31) Choline chloride
32) Cyanocobalamin
33) Folic acid
34) Niacinamide
35) Phytonadione
36) Pyridroxine hydrochloride
37) Vitamin A palmitate

38) Inositol
39) Taurine

40) Adinosine monophosphate
41) Cytidine monophosphate
42) Disodium guanosine monophosphate
43) Disodium uridine monophosphate

44) Ascorbic acid
45) Ascorbyl palmitate

46) L-Carnitine
47) Acidity regulator

I will update the post once I found a commercial product with higher number of raw materials used.


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