How Can Some People Eat Hot Chili Pepper?

native labuyo sili

I can eat hot chili pepper. Every time I do, my mouth feels the burning sensation of fire, my nose becomes runny and the tears begins flowing from my eyes. Then I gurgle with plenty of water to ease the burning sensation.

native labuyo sili

There are people that can eat hot chili pepper with ease. No burning sensation, no teary eyes and no runny nose. Bicolano eat chili, they have the delicacy adobong sili or Bicol express.

Hot chili pepper contains capsaicin which is responsible for the burning sensation on taste buds. This may cause slight burns in mouth down to stomach but never do any permanent damage. A person can develop immunity to capsaicin through repeated exposure. Traits like immunity to capsaicin may be inherited.

Eating chili is good. There are reports that spices like chili burns body fat.

If you want to eat chili, start by adding it gradually to regular dishes.  Then try eating a pure chili. Yogurt can counteract the burning sensation.


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