The Indian Mango Candies

We only crave for Indian mangoes on its mature unripe state. Its crispy texture and taste that is not too sour makes it perfect as snack. We want it. In fact we crave for it. It makes our mouth watery whenever we see or think of it.

If we look into the scenario deeper. We will realize that this variety is only in demand on its early season. It goes down rapidly toward the end of the season to the point that its price gets very very low, but still, no one is buying.

The Indian mango is at its peak of taste quality at its ripe mature state but degrades toward ripening. It is palatable but way inferior than carabao, supsupin and piko mango. In short, this mango is of no market value when ripen.

Processing it to mango candy adds value. Saves it from tragedy. The mango candy below is made of rare ripe india mangoes. It is very delectable and comparable to the one made of carabao mangoes.

indian mango candies


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