Irok/Kaong Sugar, Taste Impression

Ohh! A kaong sugar. It is granular and appears matte golden brown. I am not a fan of this for two reasons. 1) I eat sweet things but not fond of making it sweeter if I can eat it in its flat tasting state. I prefer drinking black coffee and plain milk and even plain juice. 2) It is a healthy sugar but it is a very expensive kind. A kilo cost 400 pesos, so half kilo is 200 pesos and 250 grams is 100 pesos. If one teaspoon is equivalent to 5 grams, then each teaspoon cost two pesos. Not bad for a cup of tea. However, it is not economically feasible for making any kind of delicacy.

granulated kaong sugar

Well, this is kaong sugar. It weighs about 100 grams. It would cost me 40 pesos if it’s not free. It came from one of the best sources in the world, from the free source.

I am guessing it was cooked by the traditional tulyasi method. Placing the tulyasi filled with fresh kaong sap over wood/lpg fire then stirring it continuously until end point. The cook made a minor mistake. He did not pay attention while stirring. Some sugar of this batch got burnt. The burnt aroma is evident. It is mildly sweet and mildly sour. The sour taste might be due to quick fermentation to vinegar prior to concentration process.

If used instead in coffee preparation instead of white sugar. It needs several more teaspoons to get the same expected sweetness. And as the coffee gets sweeter, it also get more sour.

What I just said is only an expected result. It may vary base on kaong sugar quality. Depending on strictness of quality control, variation might be significant from batch to batch.

I never used the sugar for any preparation. We ate it little by little until all that is left is its plastic container.



  • Hi,
    About your post on irok/kaong sugar taste impression,
    You wrote that you bought it at 400 pesos for one KG.

    Can I ask where you bought the kaong sugar?

    Waiting for your reply
    Thanks, Lois

    • It was from Cavite State University. follow this link and inquire for updated price (

      • Hi marvin

        thanks for the info
        You bought it at their exhibition or do they have a shop selling kaong sugar?

        Waiting for your reply
        Thanks, Lois

        • I bought it straight from Cavite State U. They are producing but not in a commercial scale.

          • Ok thanks marvin 🙂

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