A Japanese Cake Or A Pancake?

japanese pancake

Its was already 9 am. My wife was already late so I drove her to workplace. On my way home, I remembered that my grandmother was in nearby hospital due to renal problems. I decided to drop by at the hospital to see her. I only lasted 15 minutes in hospital cause I still need to take care of my baby boy.

When was about to leave I saw a food vendor. She was cooking a bread like food on a potted metal sheet or metal sheet with multiple engrave cups. Her cooking equipment is installed a motorcycle sidecar for easy transfer in a populated areas.

The food was so intriguing so I approached her and asked “Ate, ano yan? (What are you cooking)”. She replied that it was a “Japanese Cake”.

The cake sells for seven pesos each. I ordered nine pieces and she gave it to me for only 50 pesos, a saving of 13 pesos.

I placed the Japanese caked in motorcycle compartment. I gonna eat some at home.

The cake is compose of two layers with ham and cheese slice in the middle. The taste was so good. I ate three, my young brother ate two, my brother-in-law ate two and my mother ate two. They all agreed that the taste is so delectable.

japanese pancake

pancake with a bite

I did some googling about japanese cake. Most of them looks similar but not identical to what I bought. Most of them also comes in small sizes. Still, I have doubt about the japanese cake I bought because it taste like pancake. The texture is also the same as pancake. Maybe the vendor is using the pancake mixture to make the japanese cake.

The cake in doubt is very salable. A very delectable snack for a very affordable price.



  • I am actually eating this food right now. I bought it at a store near my school. Yes, it is called “Japanese cake”. They have ham and cheese, cheese, and chocolate flavor. All of ’em taste good. πŸ™‚

    • thanks buddy!

  • this is interesting. im searching for japanese cake recipes, brought me to this page and i wish to know the location of this “cake or pancake?” we’re talking about here. if you sell something, its really nice to know that people really like your product. hope i can hear from you. just wanna know where they sell this, so i can possibly try it too πŸ™‚ and maybe i can have them share their recipe. thank you

    • we will try our best to make recipes similar to this in the near future. thanks for dropping by.

  • That Japanese cake is also available in Divisoria a corner street to 168 mall

  • I tried it just now, Ju Manju is different, I think. The one I tasted is from SM Makati’s food stalls near the grocery. They sell it 2 for 15 pesos. It tastes like pancakes but there’s no cheese and ham on it.

    On an unrelated note, there takoyaki is so yummy too. But nothing beats the takoyaki from MOA. πŸ™‚

  • I think the name of the cake or seller was Jumanju.

  • I’m still obsessing about this cake. Didnt bring enough money at that time so i only “tasted” 5 pcs. 2 chocolate filling 3 cheese filled yummies.When I returned the following month, the cart was abandoned at the side of the road.Eversince, I’ve been seen stalking kids in elemnetary schools. The truth is, i’m hoping these yummies will be sold there.

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