The Jindo Hongju

jindo hongjuThe bottle looks closely similar to Tanduay Rhum lapad. A miniature plastic version with  a twist to open cap and  a bright red color contents. Its clearly not the regular toma drink. The Korean seller pointed out it was good for optimum blood circulation, heart and overall body health. Then gave me a shot glass after. It tasted like gin, the hot sensation traveled from my lips to esophagus down to my stomach.

jindo hongju bottom viewAll I can read are “Jindo Hongju, 40% alcohol and 200 ml”. The others are written in Korean language. I understand the leaf logo and the bar code but those are not seem significant.

Thanks to, I learned than “Hongju” is one of the Korean traditional alcoholic drink, made from jicho roots, and exclusively produced in “Jindo Island”.  So it is a geographical indication. Any beverage of similar quality may not be called Jindo Hongju.

The product was bought during the last WOFEX 2013.


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