Kapeng Barako Patent – As Geographical Indication Product of Batangas?

The Provincial Government of Batangas filed an intellectual property right claim over the “kapeng barako”. They want a patent of kapeng barako as geographical indication product.

What does this mean? When a product is patented as geographical indication product, it should meet certain requirements like raw material variety, specific process and the most important – the place, the product should only be produce in specific place. E.g. Champagne. raw materials are produce and the product is process only in champagne region. Any similar product outside boundaries have no right for the term “Champagne”.

The Kapeng Barako came from the coffee variety Liberica. The variety is available in four countries, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Laos and Philippines. It is claimed that Liberica grown in Philippines is superior.

If the kapeng barako is approved as geographical indication product of the Philippines, then the other three countries and the rest of the world have no right to used the term. If approved for Batangas alone, only Liberica grown and processed in Batangas will be called “Kapeng Barako”. Any manufacturer outside the province will be stripped of the right. Violating products will be confiscated and producer will be sued.


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