The Kastanyas Story

Two kastanyas for me? At least I have two. Two were better than nothing.

two kastanyas

What I know about kastanyas?

I used to be a Divisoria addict. Travelling from Indang to Divisoria for almost 2 1/2 hours and almost 1.5 times longer on way back. That was to buy some materials for our thriving mini business.

I always do sightseeing before going home. These two food pieces were one of the usual sight. A man roasting kastanyas. Wait! A machine roasting kastanyas was the more correct term. A large tulyasi was fixed on top of flaming stove. Kastanyas with sand particles were being stirred continuously by a machine operated ladle  The motor was positioned on top and it was rotating the ladle which was machined to fit the cooking vessel surface perfectly.

Are you curious about the sand particles? They are necessary in roasting kastanyas. They facilitate the heat transfer from cooking vessel to bulkier kastanyas. Faster heat transfer means shorter cooking time. Oven type and drum type roasting don’t need sand however.

All the sand particles were separated after roasting. Perhaps via wire mesh was the common method. There is no risk of sand particles getting into kastanyas unless some with broken skins are included.

I admit, It was my first time eating kastanyas. I never dared buying it before.

I broke the not so hard shell and took the edible portion out. It smelled sweet, like fruit of acacia tree. The dry looking portion was revealed after taking a bite. It was slight turn-off. What I thought sweet was not really sweet.

kastanyas out of shell


kastanyas shell and edible portion

I think making conclusions out of two pieces kastanyas is bias. I need to buy more from Divisoria or wherever I see a vendor selling it.


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