Kopiko Kopiccino, The Foaming Mechanism?

A commercial advertisement has been on air for quite some time. An instant cappuccino like product with extra pack of chocolate granule for decorative purpose. The scene focus on decorating the foam surface with the granule pack.

kopiko kopiccinoIt taste good. I drank several preparations already. Though real cappuccino from decent coffee shops have superior appearance and taste.  Hoopss! Sorry! It is not fair comparing this with the over expensive counterpart.

The preparation instruction says. Pour all the contents of Kopiko Kopiccino sachet. Add 150 ml of hot water at 75ºC. Then stir gently. Pour the choco granules on top of the foam and enjoy the unmatched delicious coffee experience every time you have Kopiko Kopiccino.

After pouring the powder and filling in hot water, a nice foam was produced. It was sustained for about 30 seconds. I wonder how this happen!

Milk will produce sustained foam when shaken vigorously by moving blades or air jet. Any liquid with pectin, seaweed extracts, carrageenan, carboxymethyl cellulose  and other gelling agent will give the same result when subjected under the same condition.

This Kopiko Kopiccino produced foam inspite of pouring the hot water gently and stirring slowly. The foam is definitely not caused by vigorous action and perhaps by chemical reaction. Taking place immediately upon addition of hot water.

What is that specific substance responsible for creating foam. I never know. Maybe it is a trade secret. Reading the ingredient listing gave me no clues. Included in the list are sugar, non-dairy creamer, instant coffee, choco granules, skim milk powder, malt extract and cappuccino flavor.

The separate pack of choco granule toppings has separate ingredient listing. I am very sure it has nothing to do with foam.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Accepts coaching and consultancy services. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines.

One Reply to “Kopiko Kopiccino, The Foaming Mechanism?”

  1. I lately shifted to Kopiko many in 1 flavor from the other brand…
    A long time ago, I was told how to make my coffee frothy or foamy…
    Mix my instant coffee powder and sugar and creamer with a little amount of water, just to the consistency po of a paste like….incorporate po lahat..
    then pour your hot water at a high level (the one waiters do when pouring water on your glass)…i really creates bubbles….but not like the really Cappuccino…and the taste differs from the one you stir with your “kutsarita”..anyway, I will try that Kopiko Kopiccino, looks good and maybe taste good too !

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