Back to Laboratory Work Again

After graduation:

I became a Quality Assurance Staff for a company that manufacture juice concentrate, puree, fruit preserved and the likes. It lasted for two months only. I guessed I was not ready to work yet. I gave up so soon.

I was hired as Research Assistant for Food Research. The work involved developing new and unique food products. The commodities we dealt with were coffee, cacao, goat and native chicken. I enjoyed the work so much that I lasted for five years. Five years of readings, internet works, laboratory experiments, food component analysis, technical writing and making poster papers.

Got a part-time work in provincial governor office as Food Processing Trainor. We were roaming around the province and teaching various entrepreneurial skills. I was specifically assigned in field of fruit processing. The extension work ended after three years. After the election, the newly elected governor was not supportive of the project.

Someone invited me to work for a DOST assisted project. The offer was good and I accepted it. Besides, work regarding research always excites me. The project involved developing wine, vinegar, juice, jelly and jam out of dragon fruit. The project barely lasted a year. Our boss was not able to get a replacement study.

Maybe it was just a coincidence. I was receiving a new work offer whenever one went off. I turned down the next offer to take care of our first baby boy. I was confident cause I have established two stable sources of income while working for others.

After two years, I am going to work again for another DOST assisted project. The work includes, quantitative analysis of food and feed samples, development of high-end equipment and technical writing. Other details will come later.

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  1. I enjoy your blog very much. I’m an expat living near Gen San. I’m thinking about experimenting with producing kamansi flour. I think tree nut flours will become increasingly important as world grain supplies become more dear. When I lived in California, many years ago, I produced acorn flour as an experiment.

    I’d like your input. Please consider a followback on Twitter. I’m your interested follower, Britepathos.



    1. Yes, It can be done, the researchers of Marinduque State University were able to produce cup cake out of rimas. It guessed it was similar to kamansi you are referring to [].

      I am sorry. I rarely use my twitter account now. I prefer facebook and yahoo mail.

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