The Last Coffee Days

I managed taking coffee out of my diet before. Why? When I drink coffee every morning or when I drink it too often, I often feel headache, heavy chest, breathing difficulty and sleeplessness. It is weird. I am asking my family and relatives about the symptoms and it seems that I am the only one experiencing such.

Symptoms gone after few days of withdrawal. It backs again after taking coffee for several days. I ditched that damn coffee for good.

Gout attacked me several times. I went to coffee addiction again during the last time. I read somewhere that it has gout curing and prevention effect. Individuals drinking more than three cups a day has lesser chance of gout occurrence.

I ditch coffee again after the last gout occurrence ceased.

Last August, I got an office day job which pushed me to another round of coffee addiction. The building has its own coffee making machine, an espresso machine. The coffee smelled so good and my new friend were always insisting me to try.

I tried once and I was back to it again. I am drinking about three cups a day, sometimes even more.

Coffee coming from espresso machine is different. Its taste is far superior to instant versions and it never give me that bad symptoms I experienced before. It causes hyper-acidity however.

I am going to ditch coffee drinking again. It is not because I want to. It is because our beloved project is nearing its end. Project end = work end = end of nicely brewed coffee cups.

half cup brewed coffee



  • it is a good idea for pinoys to drink more tea–organic, caffeine-free tea that is. i have limited my coffee intake to one 10 oz mug of coffee a day, and only in the morning. after that, what used to be 3 o’clock coffee became tea time. after-dinner coffee is replaced by rooibos (red) tea, which really helps fight insomnia. you should try it.

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