Number of Local Grocery Stores is Dwindling

I have been noticing this trend for quite a while now. The number of locally operated groceries are dwindling and convenience store count grows so fast. In our town alone, there are three AlfaMart branches and two 7-eleven.

When I said locally operated groceries, I mean those owned by single proprietors. Consisting of one to three branches.

Observing their stalls. Filled with shelves close to each other, with lots of not well sorted goods. You have trouble of finding what you seek and need to ask store staff often.

Passageways are narrow and frequently blocked by boxes, staff arranging goods and buying customers.

Poor lighting. This adds trouble specially to people with vision problems.

Poor ventilation. Full of sweat while shopping. It is not convenient. What if you are going to office work or having a date later. You will surely think twice before entering the store. Rather, find another store to shop with.

Large shopping mall companies see these weaknesses and so started opening local convenience stores. They are spacious, air conditioned, with well arranged grocery goods and ultimately, the prices are comparable to locals.

Single proprietors who want to thrive in business need to upgrade their ways. Else, find another business to deal with.

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