The Lomi Story

Our home town is just one to two hours away from Batangas. From Indang to Mendez, Tagaytay then down to Nasugbu, Balayan or Tuy (pronounce as tuwi ). Time can be shorten than one hour using  own vehicle running at reasonable speed. Transferring from one passenger jeep to another make the travel time longer and more boring.

I often go to the said province when I was in college and rarely when I got professional work. Going to town fiestas, birthday parties, simple get together and official work travels.

Most of my friend way back (friends until now) are Batangeños. College classmates and co-workers.

It is still clear inside my head. A lomi house was built near the town plaza. I was just passing by at establishment front on my way home.

The Chowking Fast Food Chain released their own version of lomi. The delicacy looked very delicious and tempting. It never lasted long though. Not sure about the time frame. Or maybe it lasted and still existing until now. Please correct me!

The lomi. Way back, some of my friends were talking about. They talk about it often. They talked as if the food is a pride of their home province, Batangas. Big brother also talked about it.  He told me that  it consist of  thick short noodles plunged in a viscous soup. Often, the soup looks like a yucky phlegm.  The word phlegm restrained me from eating the well known food.


Let us forget about the fast and return to near present. I have a bowl of lomi. This time I never have any hesitations. I will eat this thing no matter what.

lomi indang

I got it from buffet table. I filled the bowl until the thick noodles was taller than brim. I guessed the chef put too much cornstarch. It was too viscous. The slight cornstarch odor was perceptible.

It tasted so good and the texture / viscosity was too far from my brother’s description. I would never took his words the next time. Maybe, the authentic Bantangas Lomi is far better than this.

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