What is Long Fractionation Palm Oil?

Mitra, long fractionation palm oil. There are articles explaining what fractionation is but there is none explaining the term “long fractionation”, nor the difference between long and short process. I also couldn’t verify if there are such.

mitra long fractionation palm oilPalm oil is extracted from the palm plant named Elaeis guineensis. It is cloudy, solid at room temperature and has bright orange color due to high beta-carotene content. It needs to undergo refining process to find its way to industrial application. The first in refining process is known as fractionation.

Fractionation or simply separation of components. In palm oil, it is separated into two parts, the palm olein and the stearin. The first is liquid while the latter is solid. By controlled heating and cooling, the stearin remains solid while the olein remain liquid. The two are then separated via filtration. Both stearin and olein’s color are different from the original due to degradation of pigment beta-carotene.

Palm olein is liquid at warmer regions, tropical and sub tropical areas. It has high resistance against heat degradation and oxidation and it lengthens the storage life of fried foods. It isĀ  the golden standard when it comes to cooking, aka frying.

Many companies fractionate olein further to get palm olein for cooking purposes. The term double fractionated palm oil or super olein. It is softer than standard olein and usually blended with seed oil. I am not sure whether the palm cooking oil we are getting from grocery shelves are double fractionated or not.

Long fractionation removes more solid components as seen in their tv commercial. Perhaps also removing less stable components. It might be synonymous to double fractionation but not necessarily the same process.

Palm stearin is not wasted. It has variety of food and industrial applications.



  • Is palm oil a healthy oil for consumption

    • keep oil use minimal and your good to go. Start with lower amount of fried foods.

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