Longan Fruit, The First Impression

Grape and longan fruits were part of the fruit display my wife prepared a night before new year. The two fruits were on the top most part. Whenever I passed beside the table, I was getting some grapes and taking it in. The same thing were done by her and by my son. She was replacing the grapes every now and then as a result.

longan and grapes display

We were getting the grapes but snubbing the longan. Why get grapes instead of longan fruit? Grapes are sweet. Have edible peels. Just separate the fruit from stalk, take it in, chew and swallow. On the other hand, longan has inedible peels and seeds. Talking about too much laziness – too lazy to peel and remove seeds.

Finally, the grape stock ran out and the longan was given attention.

The fruit has a brown complexion – not attractive based on my sense of sight. Slightly bigger than alphine and three times smaller than lychee. It also comes in bunches, like grapes. The brown peel is thin and rubber like. Peel removal is easy. The fruit flesh is similar to lychee, rambutan and alphine. The seed has a close resemblance to alphine but about two times smaller. The taste is sweeter than alpine but four times less sweet compared to lychee.

opened longan fruit

Eating longan is as enjoyable as eating grapes!


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