A Taste of Magnifico Rackey Coffee Royal


Every Saturday morning is market day. As usual, I and her went to market to buy one week food supply. As we entered the market, I noticed small cups of coffee everywhere. The cup is made of paper. In short, its a paper cup. The coffee seller must have a great love for environment. They are using biodegradable cups.

Just before we left the place, I saw a small kiosk giving out coffee samples. We got curious. We went near the kiosk immediately to have a cup. Its free. Pinoy really loves free foods.

The kiosk sells Magnifico Rackey Coffee Royal 3-in-1 coffee. They got a long name eh! They are giving out free coffee samples to attract more customers.


I bought one box for 35 pesos. The box contains ten instant coffee sachets plus two free. Thirty five pesos divided by twelve coffee sachets equals three pesos. Its a good deal!

While writing this, I made a cold coffee to drink. The taste is a little bit bitter than Nescafe 3-in-1 but its just fine. I hate too much sugar. You guys need to try this one.

Time to cite the ingredients. The product contains coffee creamer, sugar and natural and artificial flavors.

cold coffee


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