Magnolia Chocolait and Nestle Yogurt on Facebook


Who among you use Facebook? Please raise your right hand! I can see you because I have super powers like Superman. Don’t believe me, it just a joke. Just by reading this article, I am 99% sure that you are indeed using Facebook.

I use Facebook everyday. Almost all of my friends are using it. I use it as a mean of conversation to them. I can also share photos, videos and quotes. I have two cellphones but for me its already obsolete. Facebook is in, cellphone is out. This may not be true if your cellphone is capable of browsing such.

This social networking site is really amazing. Food products are allowed to have a fan page. Food commodities interact to their audience like real humans. I think its a good marketing strategy.

This Magnolia Chocolait offers free updates like Manny Pacquiao videos. I am a fan of Manny so I clicked the like button.


This Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt is holding a photo contest. The prize is Nikon D5000 DSLR Camera with photography lessons. Its a great deal.


What are you waiting for? Time to make a fan page for your precious product and watch your sales shoot up.

I have my fan page box below. You may consider giving it a click.


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