Mangoteen Tea by Irma

Forgetting about our health due to busy schedule. I used to walk around the campus every 5 pm but now missing it for months. I opt to take daily dose of vitamin and mineral tablet but it seems not enough due to stressful work. Waking up early in the morning and sleeping very late at night.

How about the regular guyabano tea intake? I have been missing this thing also ever since we moved to our new office. The shortest leaves source is roughly 500 meters away. This is skipping two healthy habits by not getting any leaf.

How about mangosteen tea? I only felt like having mangosteen tea because my wife bought some fruit. I told her to save the rind for a tea time. I emphasized to her that its seeds covered with fibrous flesh is good but most people are buying it because of the rind. Mangosteen rind contains healthy xanthones which are heat resistant. Boiling it in water to make tea is fine. I remembered preparing it before by mere steeping.

boiling mangosteen rindHappy tea time.

mangosteen tea

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