The School Canteens' Meatless Mondays

I heard from television news yesterday. The Congress is currently pushing a Meatless Monday Rule on all elementary and high school canteens. That means the two mentioned school categories are going to be restrained to sell any meat products and dishes on Mondays. No mentioned penalties for future violators yet.

According to study of Bayan Party List, most children to adolescence are hard to feed with vegetable and most people lacks veggies in their regular diet.

The Department of Education, DepEd sees no problem with the proposed law. In fact, they are encouraging school canteen to prepare nutritious foods. The schoolers have the option to bring their own nutritious or non-nutritious foods or they may buy food outside school premises.

Based from my observation, canteens serve three to five meat dishes, one vegetable dish and one fish. More meats in menu cause they are preferred by many.

Too much meat is linked with obesity and  a number of diet related sickness. Artificial beverages, sweets and junk foods are linked with obesity too and should be included in proposed law I think!


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