A Medium Roast Excelsa Cup

It is a hot and freshly prepared coffee from medium roast pure Excelsa beans. Who else know? It might be other bean type. There might be a hokus pokus going on. Whatever, this innocent cup will receive judgement.

cup of pure excelsa coffee

What is Excelsa? Base on pure memories. It is a coffee variety which is closely related to Liberica (Barako). Coffee farmers mix the two varieties together not because their difference are undetectable. They have distinct differences. However, they are low yielding  Packing them in separate sacks is not worth.

Judging the cup. It is bad. A bad tasting coffee. Sorry for my straight words! Maybe a medium roast is not fit for this bean. Maybe a dark roast is better. Maybe it should be mixed with other varieties for improvement. Or maybe not a real Excelsa.

Excelsa sounds excellent but this coffee is not.


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