Ingredient List for Menu

Don’t you think food items from restaurants, bakery, cafe, eatery and bars have full ingredient listing? Base on name we can infer what the ingredients are and avoid whichever may harm us. Too much sugar, preservatives and allergens.

Speaking of which, allergens are the worst offender here. Peanut, milk, gluten and shrimp are few examples. Persons affected don’t eat those in fear of having attacked.

Not being affected is as easy as avoiding the culprit. If you are allergic to peanut then do not eat peanut. If it is shrimp then do not eat shrimp. It is really easy if there is no such thing as trade secret and all food items have proper mandatory labeling.

Notice how canned food makers write their ingredient list? The end of the list are usually “preservatives, natural colors and natural flavoring”. How the hell could we know the specifics? Allergens could be hiding inside. A sure fire way to tell is buy and try. If the symptoms manifest, then it has allergen. If not, then it is safe. A risky method that could put life on the line.

Some territories require specifying a full ingredient list. The words preservatives, flavoring and coloring cannot be seen. The list is long that it almost cover half of the label. Hard to read but quite useful to sensitive persons.

Preparing own food is the safest way of course. You can meticulously select every ingredient that goes in. Not unless you are stupid enough to harm yourself or cannot resist the temptation of allergic but delectable item.

It is a bit hard when eating outside. Every suspicious dish and you have to call the staff and ask. I have a ___ allergy. Is this okay for me. The puzzled staff not sure what to say just replied yes. Mostly that is the case. Food servers are usually not cooks and not well versed with menus. Lucky if it is the other way around. You trusted the guy, ordered, ate and the symptoms show up. That is what I am saying. If that particular dish has appropriate ingredient listing from the start. then you dilemma could have been prevented.


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