The Hot and Spicy Nagaraya

Uncle gave me four pieces of Nagaraya hot and spicy crackers. I wished he could game me more, only four pieces! I was really thankful cause he gave me some but I felt the number was not enough.

Nagaraya is a peanut cracker with a crunchy coating and dipped in a hot and spicy powder. Some powder clung on my fingers. Licking it gave the same hot and spicy sensation.

I thought four pieces were not enough! I ate two crackers. It made my mouth and tongue very hot. My lips got reddish. I immediately got drinking water to relieve too much hotness. I munch the two remaining pieces and  washed my mouth again with water. It was really hot!

nagaraya hot and spicy cracker

I was buying  the snack every now and then. Other flavors are also available but the red label is my favorite. I was buying the smallest package. I was taking over 30 minutes to consume it.

The story happened several years ago. I cannot remember how many years have passed.

I bought nagaraya again. I chose the bigger one. I noticed a significant change in flavor. The taste is not as hot as before. I ate it all in just few minutes. I drank water after. Not to remove too much hotness. I was thirsty instead.

Maybe the manufacturer changed the flavor to  suit preference of general consuming public or my senses became  accustomed to hot and spicy food.



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