Nata de Coco – Drying and Reconstitution?

The drying and reconstitution experiment on kaong meat went well. I successfully dried few kaong meats to a hard rock like thing. All came back to normal after soaking in tap water overnight.

The trick might also work on nata de coco cubes. I secured few pieces and dried them for one and one half day. Pieces became flat like a transparent sheet of paper. Then I soaked them in heavy syrup in hope that it can reabsorb water together with sugar particles. A sweet nata de coco after…

nata de coco cubes dried nata de coco flattened nata de coco in syrupto be continued….

Update as of April 26, 2013: The nata de coco can be dried successfully but bringing it back to its original form is not possible.  No increase in size observed after 24 hours of soaking in heavy syrup. I drained the syrup and replaced it with plain water. No increase in size either after another 24 hours.


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