Why We Never Like Eating Fish?

1) Less flavor. Let us accept the fact, the most tasty menu on dining table are livestock and poultry meats. The next is fish and the least is vegetable. Some fish have superior flavor but their prices are too steep for commoners.

2) Tradition. Every occasion like town fiestas and weddings have three or more meat dishes and only one vegetable. Serving fish is a rare case. This is the common practice because most people prefer meat dishes over the other.

I have been to my friend in Nasugbu, Batangas. It was fiesta. I stayed there for one day. I ate fish all day long. No meats and veggies. His father is a fisherman so serving all fish dishes was natural.

3) Lots of fish bones. When ingested, it often cling to throat. The reason why most of us restrain our child from eating fish. A lodged fish bone on throat is a pain and brings a very uncomfortable feeling. Forcing it out is hard, swallowing it is hard either.

tilapia fishbones

4) Messy. How do fish is eaten? The spoon and fork should be put down on the table. Then get the flesh piece by piece with bare hands or face the danger of fish bone lodging on throat. Only few  are patient enough to remove the bones by means of spoon and pork.

5) Flavor deterioration. Fish has best flavor when fresh and newly cooked. Flavor deteriorates quickly over time. A fried fish in the morning will have an inferior flavor by lunch time.

6) Mindset. When I was in elementary, I was very shy to have a pack lunch of fried fish and rice. My classmates often said, “Ohh! fish only. Mine is a fried chicken thigh”. Some are thinking that fish is a poor man’s diet.


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  • agree with reason #4, i hate picking bones, especially with my bare hands, malansa kasi after so i use spoon and fork. but where i live, fresh fish is more readily available than other meats so i eventually got used to it, in fact i have made it into a “science” on how to efficiently remove the bones without leaving your fish a mess afterwards 😀 but i disagree with reason #5, i find it amazingly strange, that a cooked fish, if not yet been touched (like you have cooked more than is needed) and just left covered , but not too covered at room temperature, develops a saltier, less “fishy” taste, and somehow parang sumarap siya lalo. but if you kept in in the refrigerator, the taste will become dull. sometimes i intentionally leave extra cooked fish covered on the table overnight so the next day i could use it to make fish soup with kamote tops and tomatoes for lunch. yummy!

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