No Nut Foods In Plane

Pregnant women about to give birth is forbidden in airplane for a reason. Possible gain of foreign citizenship is one but not the main.  Imagine how would you attend to a laboring mom in middle of the flight! I can’t figure it out. Maybe it its different in actual situation. I’m not a flight attendant, so I should not worry about it.

I remembered the Indian movie “Three Idiots”. A guy boarded in plane pretended to have heart attack. The plane did an emergency landing to save his life. I can’t help wonder if the same scenario happened in real.

I’m bringing up the situation above because of the food the plane crew is serving.  Besides on having an ingredient list, the known food allergen are also written.  In case the person involve is allergic to that particular food. Then he can return it and ask for a  safer alternative.

The common is nut allergy. In case someone has it, he is required to inform the carrier at least 48 hours before flight. I suppose the management will prepare special meal for the person concern. Bringing own food is the best option, I think. 

This time was chicken adobo bun. It was not the first. Has 306kcal for a 100 g bread. Known allergens were milk, wheat and egg.   I guessed not so many have problem on these.  Maybe they avoid serving nuts. A prevention that will save them from headaches. 

Has anyone of you received nuts or nut containing snacks while on board? What did you do?


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